Bow Valley Team Store

BucketDecals™ Helmet Decals

CSA approved die-cut vinyl helmet decals. Comes with 40 Logos and up to 20 # pairs.

TwigDecals™ Stick Decals

Our wildly popular TwigDecals come 2 per player, up to 20 players.

DrinkDecals™ Waterbottle Decals

DrinkDecals comes with up to 20 Large Logos and 20 #’s to label player water bottles.

Hattrick Combo

Save $48 on BucketDecals™, TwigDecals™ and DrinkDecals™


Commemorate game used pucks for special achievements or Game MVPs.


RewardDecals™ say “good job”. They also say “do it again”. Fully customizable!